About us NUSS

The story of NUSS is about a small company with big heart. Home textile made with love. We create textile from linen and cotton: towels, robes for men and women, hooded towel, poncho, nakpins, tableware, aprons.

Nuss's story

NUSS is a small company with a big heart. This name is special, it is derived from the family name. There have been many different active and creative people in our family, so this is a tribute to them and an honor to carry this name forward. Everything related to this company is especially important and cherished, just like another member of the family. NUSS is not just a brand, it is about making dreams come true, daring and faith, big faith.

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The idea of ​​home textiles came about quite by accident - the desire to create tasteful and practical gifts for loved ones. To please and give something really useful, so that the recipient will actually use and use it.

We choose a very laconic, simple and classic design so that our products fit into any home. Our goal is to combine ancient and classic values ​​with modern and contemporary ones. We are passionate about aesthetics, so we create things that are not only practical, but also beautiful.

We want a little bit of nature to enter the home, so we only use natural materials. It is important for us that the warmth of laughter and conversations at dinner flows into your home, that dancing in your favorite robe is like a brilliant performance, and that sauna or bath rituals resemble luxurious SPA visits. We wish that through our products we can create feelings, pleasant moments for you.

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